Lemon & Rhubarb Spring Bundt Cake

If the end of a beautiful Easter weekend isn’t enough to make me feel morose, I’ve just polished off the last slice of this. I made it for mine and my sister’s birthdays, which were either side of the weekend, and feel the pretty garden flowers combined with the bundt ring made for quite a… Continue reading Lemon & Rhubarb Spring Bundt Cake

Asparagus with soft-boiled egg, almond butter and sumac

A love for English asparagus was forced upon me from a young age. As Dad’s hands-down favourite food, the coming of the asparagus season has always been celebrated in the family – primarily by excessive asparagus consumption and repetitive lectures on its greatness. We spend a lot of time in Norfolk, known for the quality… Continue reading Asparagus with soft-boiled egg, almond butter and sumac

Classic French toast

I was always quite dismissive of this indulgent all-American breakfast until I travelled to Southeast Asia a couple of years ago. A number of the hostels we stayed in offered it as part of their complimentary breakfast, and I soon developed a real weakness for the spongey egg-soaked bread, seasoned with a hint of cinnamon… Continue reading Classic French toast

Pan-fried salmon, pesto courgetti, + hassleback tats

  This is a super quick and easy recipe for a weeknight dinner, though the hassleback potatoes and homemade pesto arguably make it look impressive enough to be served more formally. If you want to make it healthier, cut out the potatoes and double the amount of courgetti instead. Also great served cold with some… Continue reading Pan-fried salmon, pesto courgetti, + hassleback tats